About us:

British made | travel inspired | hand crafted candles

There’s nothing better than exploring the world, and that’s why we made Kväll Candles. When you travel, you pick up a thousand scents, but unlike our sight where we can take a picture to remember, scent is something we can easily lose just a moment later. When you sail through a fjord in Norway, walk through a garden in Kent, feel the sand in your toes at Santorini or explore the gardens of an Indian palace, your five senses are alive in a way that we just don’t often experience at home. Kväll candles are aimed at taking you back to a place you’ve visited and loved, or even to take you on a new adventure to inspire your next trip.

Our candles are made by hand, at home in Deptford, London meaning you can guarantee a quality, long-lasting British product. We choose our scents very carefully from a range of fragrance and essential oils to capture that treasured place right in your living room.

Kväll products are selected from only the finest ingredients and we use eco soya wax for both sustainability reasons and also for a longer candle burn time. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and they are all vegan friendly too.