Goan Summer candle

Goan Summer candle

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frankincense, amber & rose

India is a place of wonder. From the Taj Mahal to the beaches of Goa, there are sights to behold and smells to discover at every turn. Goa, on the west coast, is famed for its beaches, chilled out vibes and the laid back approach of the people who live there. It’s no surprise that the hippies loved it in the 70s, and the traditional smells of frankincense, amber and rose and not uncommon here, both at the small roadside shrines but also in peoples’ homes and on the streets.

In three words:  relaxing, woody and warm.

Guidance: Our classic glass candles burn for 25+ hours, our tins burn for 20+ hours. All of our candles are made from eco-soya, a sustainable ingredient which is vegan-friendly.

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